Annual Review 2016: Human Rights Situation of LGBTI in South Korea

4. Employment

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Global corporations direct efforts towards creating LGBTI-friendly image by implementing measures such as promoting employment of LGBTI people

On June 11, 2016, LUSH Korea, a cosmetics company based in the UK, participated in the 17th Queer Culture Festival and carried out the “Pink Resume” project, which involved taking resumes from sexual minorities and their supporters and hiring staff on the spot.[1] LUSH Korea pointed out that there still remains prejudice against sexual minorities in the workplace in the Korean society and explained the event was planned in “hope that more companies would embrace sexual minorities like LUSH Korea, through measures such as the ‘Pink Resume.’”[2]

Meanwhile, in addition to LUSH Korea, global companies such as Google Korea, American Apparel, etc. participated in the Queer Culture Festival and appealed their LGBTI-friendly image. Google Korea explained that “Google is a company that places importance on diversity and inclusion all over the world” and “We decided to participated because we believe that not only is diversity important within the company, but also important to our society”.[3]

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